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Carpenter Ranch Heidi
2011 4th Generation American Mini Nubian - Registered MDGA
                Sire: Echo Hills Simcoe
        Sire: Rocking Goat Three J
                Dam: Rocking Goat Annabelle
Carpenter Ranch Heidi
                Sire: Hidden Creek's Charming
        Dam: Rocking Goat Jazzie
                Dam: Rocking Goat Ginger
Heidi was one of the first kids that I had at Carpenter Ranch.  I always told myseld that I should have never sold her.  Then, like it was ment to be, her owner told me that she was getting out of the goat business & Heidi was available.  I jumped at the chance to bring her back home.
Heidi is VERY sweet & gentle.  She has come to visit my buck every fall since I sold her in 2011.  So I am extremely familiar with her & the family that owned her.  Heidi has great conformation and a lovable personality.  She has amazing breed character and is the smallest doe in the pen.
I will be getting better pictures this summer.  I promise!