Sadly, we have decided to get out of the goat business.  Life is taking us in a different direction. 

However, this is good news for the rest of the Mini-Nubian community!  Almost all of our breeding stock is now available for sale to good homes.  Please take a look at what I have available.


We have been blessed with a wonderful family and home.  In the spring of 2010 we decided to take on a new adventure and start a small goat herd.  I did a lot of research and am confident that I started with great stock.
All of my goats are registered Mini Nubians, 5th generation or higher.  I even have some purebreds!
I am proud of our herd.  They have pendulous ears and good body confirmation.  All of my goats are CAE/CL free.  I do not allow outside goats onto my place without testing.
I am a strong supporter of 4-H and look forward to seeing my goats in the show pens.
My daughter loves our goats and as soon as she is old enough to participate in 4-H, I am sure that you wll see her in the pen with some winners from The Carpenter Ranch.
2014 was a big year at Carpenter Ranch! 
    - We moved to a wonderful new home with 80 acres in a beautiful mountain valley.
    - Our Herd sire, Nova, received his Finished Virtual Championship!  Congratulations Nova!
    - Elvis, our newest herd sire joined the family from Green Gables in Wisconsin.
    - Heidi & May also joined our family.  They should bring some wonderful coloring to our herd.
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